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About Vietnam

Arriving in Vietnam is an assault on the senses entirely, the feeling of the country is at once dizzying, passionate and appealing. Conical-hatted street vendors sell their wares on the side-walks outside gleaming high-rise buildings, and exquisite temples are surrounded by streets buzzing with thousands of motorcycles.

Wherever you travel you cannot help but be intrigued by this fascinating country. The capital, Hanoi is central to the arts in Vietnam and has been since its inception in 1010, whilst business in Ho Chi Minh City is king. Hue is steeped in the history of imperialism, and Hoi An is the place to soak up the atmosphere, to kick back and relax head to the undeveloped coast.

Urban life in Vietnam is fascinating. Walk along the streets and you'll see men in 'beer hois' (side-walk pubs) sipping ice cold beer, while smells from the food stalls selling noodle soup and grilled chickens fill the nostrils. At the sides of streets, you'll see almost any motorcycle part imaginable for sale, tubs wriggling with live sturgeons, crabs, & frogs (there remains a French influence), heavy carts with colorful fruits and vendors selling anything from pigs to bizarre souvenirs.

Rural Vietnam is completely different. Just a short distance from the city, water buffalo wallows in the green rice paddies, and elegant women wear the conical hats and cycle along dusty paths.

Whether you enjoy the exciting urban feel or the relaxed rural atmosphere, there is something for everyone.

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