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Vietnam travel tip on adapting to a new time zone

Sleeplessness during travel can be caused by many factors. Sometimes it is because of being worried too much, sometimes it is jet lag after fly to different time zone of 6 24 hours. It is not a big problem if you are on a short trip, however, it is quite difficult for you to adapt to new time zone and change your biological clock after long flights. To have full interesting Vietnam holidays without being too tired, here are some advices for you.

- Always be ready to adapt to new time zone by adjusting time for daily activity earlier or later 1 or more hours one week before departure.

- Four days before your travel, dont eat too much fat, salt, sugar or drink too much coffee; eat more vegetable and fruits. If you eat food with high protein for breakfast, you will get indigestion from overeating and insomniac when staying at new place. A research shows that human body will adapt more easily when flying to the West than to the East.


Vietnam travel tip on adapting to a new time zone

- Set your watch to the destination time zone right after getting on board and try to follow that time. For example, if it is night at the moment in your destination, try to sleep as soon as possible.

- Dress comfortably during the flight. Too tight or too thick clothes will reduce the blood circle, make you feel discomfort and difficult to sleep.

- Dont drink coffee or wine during flight. It will cause dehydration and tiredness. You should drink much water instead.

- Take at least a walk around after 2 hours. This activity will help to improve blood circle and relax your muscles.

- Wear sunglasses in few last hours of overnight flights and first hours after landing. Researchers also find that the change in light will help to adjust body clock more easily.

- Do not sleep right after landing. Try to do some exercises and approach sunlight to avoid feeling sleepy until the right time.






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