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Ha Long Bay in a view

Anyone has been to Ha Long Bay would be surprised. Here, there is an accumulation of the beauty of earth and created from ancient times. And today, I realized the magnificent of Halong’s sun-light; the water surface under the bright sun is as a giant treasure. Even if you are the most demanding travelers, you will also have to hurry to take the photos about heaven shimmering water.

If you say that Halong fascinating, and dream to be back here so many times, you will be jealous of me. So I used to come this place a few times in a month. With Ha Long traveling, it's my job, as well as the work of any tourist guide.

Ha Long Bay is beautiful and great in my eyes, like the perspective of tourists. When you directly touch the fresh shrimps and fishes in the dawn and listen tells about the thrilling story or about the mountain and river god from the people of the fishing village. You are also taught by the sailors about the squid fishing at night and sit on the wooden boat on the tour to see all things on any season of the year. All are extremely interesting.

I am very familiar with Halong, just know about vessels prepare to go to the Luon cave, I will not forget to take a few pieces of bread to give to the "my friends"; those are the adorable monkeys usually hang on a rock.

In my first time coming here, my knowledge about the bay is not much. To make two Italian guests happier in their sweet honeymoon trip, I created a few new legends. For example, I told them about a lake in the "Sung Sot" cave that, in the past, at this place, there are beautiful fairies often swim; the lake water always is blue throughout the year. Here, water is cool in summer and warm in winter.

Ha Long Bay is very great with some traveling tips

The people say that, if anyone swims in this lake, that body would be young forever. My guests enjoyed; them joked that, on occasion, they will return to the pool to swim in this magical lake. The legend is a product of the human imagination to make every piece of land becomes more mysterious and alluring. Later, when I became an experienced tour guide, I collected a lot of true legends of the local people to make the tourists enthralled.

Although I have gone to the Halong bay for many times, but my feeling is always still eager. I like watching the guests when they loudly amazed looks spectacular under the gracefulness of the "Sung Sot" and "Thien Cung" cave... I'm excited to show them the wonders of nature on the cliff... And I'm passionate about telling them about the history of this bay and legendary stories.

When you view the bay through the seasons’ change, you will realize that the Halong sun is very beautiful. The water’s surface under the sun-light became like bright as a huge treasure. And whether, you are the most fastidious guests, you'll have to hurry to take the photos about this shimmering water.

This place is the most magical when there is a little flip waving rain and the light fog’s covers. There are green islands, rocks in the shape as the turtle, lion, whale... All are hidden themselves under a dim mist of smoke. A foreign visitor exclaimed to me, "It looks like I am lost in the fairy world."

The place is the most romantic in the cool summer night under the lights of the tourist boat and the night fishing ships thrown into the sparkling water. And you suddenly realize that, even under the water, as well as a brilliant star sky.

It is the most pleasant on the autumn’s morning under the freezing-cold weather. A little sea wind in the morning will make you have to pull gently the jacket up a bit. The gentle sea’s flavor will quickly make you sleepy vanish and peace of mind.

It is even better when your small boat moves over the floating fishing villages on the bay. The children run out to wave to the guests. And we will not hesitate to smile in return. With just a simple moment, the people feel a love of life.

My story is as above; and I believe you will be a private feel.

With a guided tour, I sometimes feel happy when the foreign guests watch the sparkling blue water’s surface of the bay; and they said: "Vietnam is beautiful, and the people at this place are lovely as this deep-blue water"

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