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There will be more many tourists come to Da Nang in Snake New Year

According to a forecast, on the occasion of Snake Lunar New Year 2013, the number of the international tourists, who come to Da Nang by the sea way, will increase by 17.2%, while visitors will arrive by Air increase by 25.6% in comparison with the last New Year.

With the application for the policy on promotions to stimulate demand, in this New Year, the number of tourists to visit in Da Nang is expected to reach 143,199 people; this is an increase of 10.4% in the one-year cycle. Among them, the international customers may reach 47,300 people; this is an increase of 20.4% in the same period. The domestic tourists could reach 95,899 people; it is an increase of 6.1%, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports & Travel of Da Nang City, Mr. Tran Quang Thanh said!

Da Nang City  
                                                Da Nang City


The coastal resorts with a standard from 4 to 5 stars will be closed rooms.
According to Mr. Thanh, the tourism activities in Da Nang on the traditional Tet 2013 are expected to be advantageous by some reasons as the good weather and the long Tet’s holidays. To seize the opportunity to attract in this occasion, the tourism businesses in the city have launched promotions such as: Apply a promotional tour, organizing activities to celebrate and offer to good luck for at this time. Many hotels also have more the special activities such as organizing the rural market, holding party to welcome the exchange time to New Year, implementing the free food program for children and other specific package-program.
According to Mr. Tran Quang Thanh, it is really more attention based on the plan, there will be 5 ships will arrive at the Tien Sa port and take about 6504 visitors from several countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and China. They will be in Da Nang and neighboring destinations such as Hue and Hoi An; it increased 17.2% than the same period last year. Besides, not calculating to the three regular flight routes as Singapore - Da Nang, Kuala Lumpur - Da Nang and Incheon - Da Nang, according to plan, there are on other routes with 41 hired flights to the Da Nang international airport in the traditional New Year. Thus, the number of the international tourists to Da Nang by Air on this occasion will reach 5160 people; it increased 25.6% than the same period last year.
In particular, on Jan, 1st 2013 based on the lunar calendar, Department of Culture Sports and Tourism of Da Nang will organize to welcome the first international flight from Kuala Lumpur with 180 foreign tourists; on the third day, there will be a hold to welcome the ship named Superstar Aquarius brings 1,400 guests to Tien Sa port; it is starting for the activities of tourism by the sea way, which is forecasted to continue to grow more.
According to the general statistics of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Da Nang, in many areas, the number of visitors during Tet 2013 will increase slightly; it expects to reach 78,700 people and increases 4.2% than the same period last year. For the hotel system, based on the reservation of registration, the hotels with from 3 to 4-star standards got a capacity of 51%, and from 4 to 5-star hotels are estimated at 65%.
In particular, from Jan 2nd 2013 based on the lunar calendar, all 4 or 5-star resorts in the coastal reach 100% capacity. On the rest days, the figure ranged from 30% to 60%. For Da Nang Crowne Plaza, it continues to achieve a capacity of about 100% during 9 days in Snake New Year with a total of nearly 10,500 international visitors on the rented flights, who mainly are from China. With the Hoang Anh Gia Lai hotel in the city center, it is also a capacity 90%; they are mostly Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian and overseas Vietnamese. Many 3-star hotels are achieved capacity stability during the Tet’s time. For example, the Minh Toan hotel gets 65%; the Sunriver hotel is 61%; And for other hotels like Saigon Tourane, Luxury and Bamboo Green 177 Tran Phu, the customers are accounted for 75% from the third to sex day in the traditional New Year; it is mainly domestic and China’s tourists.

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