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The unique point in Spring at the Bac Ha fair

There is a unique feature of the Bac Ha fair; it's a bold with the pristine nature of the an upland fair, but at the time nearly the lunar New Year; it is more bustling. There are not only the local people come this fair for shopping, but appearance also includes domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

As from in the early morning, when the fog barely disappeared, from all over the branches of the road, a lot of people have gone down the crowded market. Everyone, including boys and girls; their neat dresses and gowns are with fresh colors; with many mothers, they led the child; and there are also the elders; they also bring the sticks to go to the market... Everyone seemed to have a sense of overwhelming with the excited joy.


A clothe section in the Bac Ha fair
                                  A clothe section in the Bac Ha fair

The Bac Ha market is in these days of spring is really a place, which can create a festival of people belonging to the ethnic minorities. The attendants into the market always crowd during the day. The most common people are probably the girls in their twenties. They wear the dress, shirt, bag and scarf with colorful patterns. They come here to watch and admire the clothes of a bustling... On Tet’s days like this, the Bac Ha spring fair on sale of all sorts of goods. We can mention as specialty corn wine, chili sauce, Chinese’s sausages, and other special items. Sellers here do not say their wish to the customers; their sales are only based on an honest way, so if someone likes something, that person just asks and buys. Products such as clothing and ethnic clothes always retain the special interest. Then, other products will be considered.

Foreigners in the Bac Ha fair

                     Foreigners in the Bac Ha fair

When visitors go to this fair, everyone seemed to feel passionate about the taste of the traditional New Year, because the products here with the bold nature to cater to consumers in these days. Even, the fair is clearly divided. This will help the buyer can choose more easily about your favorite products. The first thing we noticed, some goods are exhibited to sell such as buffalo, horses, pigs, chickens... The next, it is the place for the sale of fruits. In addition, a range of goods are including rice, maize, soybean, the Ban Pho wine and other agricultural products... If you go shopping, you do not go together with the family or your friends; then, you do not enjoy the Thang Co food is boiling, and drinking the bowls of alcohol is made from mountain- corn; we will look as you have never come to this fair.

In the bustling atmosphere of the Tet fair, the ethnic boys and girls have found each other. They make friends and talk as to give emotion together. And when the fair ends, at this time, it is also the night comes; many people linger as to hold a moment of spring’s fair.

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