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The open of exhibition about the antiques collection in Da Nang


On 15-Nov-2012 afternoon, Da Nang Museum was in collaboration with the collectors in Da Nang city to hold the opening of the antiques collection in this province.
This is the first time in Da Nang, an exhibition with more than 150 rare artifacts, including a variety of genres and materials dating from Champa’s time, Ly-Tran-Le-Nguyen dynasty. They has many historical-cultural values… were on display to serve the needs of the public and visitor’s appreciation.

The first: Some antiques collection in Da Nang

The exhibition introduced to the visitors the quintessential features with many historical and cultural values ​​of Vietnamese antiques; they were collected by many people from many years.

At the exhibition, there were many artifacts dating back to the fourth or fifth century… and many antiques are dating from the late 19th to the early 20th century. It may be prescribed to a collection of Buddha statue were made by many materials, such as copper, wood, petrified wood...; the wooden Buddha statue is with red-yellow lacquer printing Mr Ocean Pacific ( Da Nang). There is a collection with 60 smoking pipes were made by copper and earthenware, a ceramic lime infantry; a celadon pottery in 15th century, a wine jar year of his 16th century…

The artifacts were earning in Tay Son dynasty time including:
- Vietnam’s ceramic jug of Nguyen Dinh Bang’s collection.
- The collection of porcelain such as: Plate, the infantry with lid, hexagonal jug (Japan); the goose-shape jug and other ceramics (China)... These are products belong to Mr. Duong Thai Binh (live in Da Nang). A collector named Pham Phu Khanh (live in Da Nang) also launched a collection with unique antiques like plates, jugs…

Chu Dau ceramic collection with unique artifacts like: Ty Ba jug (in 15th century); they belong to a collector named Huynh Van Hoa (Da Nang). In addition, there were many exhibits of some other collectors such as: Tran Viet Thang gave Kendy jug (in India, 15th century); the collector named Ho Anh Tuan gave Chu Dau ceramic in 16th century... And especially, it is "The last calendar of Nguyen’s dynasty was only used in the Royal" by the collector named Nguyen Ba Lan.

The second: Some antiques collection in Da Nang are made by copper

In recent years, the social work in the museum's activities are in the spirit of the Law on Cultural Heritage. It is increasingly attracting the interest of the community in collecting, preserving and promoting the collection of valuable antiques. In Da Nang, with the gathering of a large number of the private collectors about the antiques, it established the associations such as: Han River Heritage Association, Vietnam Antiquity Association and UNESCO Association. The activities do not only open up the playing field for the collector, but they also held a lot of practical work in the preservation and promotion of the cultural heritage’s values ​​of the people in Vietnam.

In this occasion, the collector will select many precious artifacts in its collection to donate to Da Nang Museum to enrich the contents of the museum's galleries (about 54 of the more than 150 the exhibited exist artifacts).

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