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The good situation of tourism in Quang Ninh in early 2013

In two early months in 2013, Quang Ninh Province has received over 600 thousand foreign tourists. It is higher than the same period in 2012.

In February 2013, Quang Ninh has welcomed nearly 330 thousand foreign tourists to visit Ha Long Bay. It increased by about 50 thousand compared to January 2013, and raising up 10% compared to the same period in 2012.


The ships in Ha Long Bay
The ships in Ha Long Bay


In order to achieve the above results, it caused by the travel agents in the province; they have attempted to promote the exploitation the international market. In the May 2, 2013, Quang Ninh also continuously received the dozens of ships run stably with the sea lines of companies like Star Cruise, Costa Cruise, Henna Ship...
The revenue is from activities such as transport, leisure, recreation... and also increased from 22% to 46%. Total revenue in the tourism activities in the first two months of 2013 is estimated at approximately 827 billion VND.


The international tourists on Yen Tu Mountain in Spring
The international tourists on Yen Tu Mountain in Spring


Everyone knows that, Quang Ninh Province has the world’s famous destination is Halong Bay, which has been recognized as a world natural heritage by UNESCO. The tourism activities in this bay have contributed largely to the success of the tourism industry figures in Quang Ninh. However, in spring, the works will be much more limited, because visitors cannot have the activities at the beach as in the summer. Fortunately, in order to compensate for this, the fun and entertainment activities made up that.


Paddling the Kayak
Paddling the Kayak


Foreseeing the need about the recreation and leisure of travelers, the investment for the development about a number of entertainment services in Ha Long Bay was formed many years ago. At the Ti Top and Soi Sim Islands, visitors can choose the different forms of entertainment, from mild to strong feelings like playing the flying parachute (there is a canoe to pull), driving the water-motorcycles, renting the high-speed canoes to drive in the bay (or sit on the rubber-boats are pulled by the high-speed canoe), paddling the Kayak boat to relax and enjoy the special feeling in the bay.

And tourism activities still continue in Quang Ninh Province. All of them contributed to form the success of the tourism industry. And it also contributed greatly in promoting wider about the tourism products here. Through these activities, they help to improve to meet the needs as recreation, travel, leisure and resort of tourists in the nation as well as around the world.

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