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Hoi An is going to organize many festivals to welcome the traditional Tet 2013

The Culture & Sports Central in Hoi An City (in Quang Nam Province) said that: As from January 4th to February 25th, 2013 (meaning from 24th December to 16th January, 2013 based on the lunar calendar), Hoi An City is going to hold a series of the events of culture and tourism. Many festivals are with the large scale to serve the needs of travelers on items such as life, culture, appreciation of the people and visitors during the Lunar New Year.

Thus, as from 24th to December 29th, 2012 is based on the lunar calendar, the spring flower festival is held along the streets such as Tran Hung Dao, Nguyen Hue and Hoang Dieu. Besides, there is the competition and display the pictures contain the opposite meaning sentences with the themes about Hoi An, spring and country. And the purposes are conservation and promotion of the identity of the properties, which cannot be valued as Hoi An World Heritage and the world's biosphere reserve area (called Cu Lao Cham).

The light of the lanterns in Hoi An at night

                The light of the lanterns in Hoi An at night

There is another activity always become a tradition in this place. It is the competition of some of the manual works, which are required the dexterity as wrapping the Tét’s cakes (Tét is the name of a special cake in Vietnam), making jam and cakes in New Year. This is an opportunity to meet the needs of visitors and residents. They may join to learn about the process of making all kinds of the cakes and traditional jam of the local people from 26th and December 27th, 2012 based on the lunar calendar, at the Hoi An museum. This is a social activity, which has been received the response of the typical members as businesses and organizations located in the city. And it is meaningful, because the product of this contest will be Lunar New Year's gift to give to more than 1,000 poor families in the city.

The cake wrapping competition

                                       The cake wrapping competition

There is a new feature in the organization of Lunar New Year in 2013. It is about maximizing the socialization of calling the contribution of the local organizations and businesses. They will participate in this event to add support for the success. There are a number of competitions such as: Decorating the spring flower streets on the ancient town and the lanterns on the streets, restoring and making the layout plants to celebrate with a combination of installation about the art lanterns in many places such as monuments, temple, shrines, churches, etc. All of works carry a high social significance.

The tourism business in Hoi An will also develop and introduce the programs for visitors to welcome Lunar New Year in Hoi An. For examples, the tours of the traditional villages in the Lunar New Year to explore the spiritual life of the residents in the countryside in Hoi An; the traditional Tet programs with residents in Hoi An; the work as wrapping the cakes, visiting the flower markets, making jam, shopping to cook foods in New Year, going to the pagoda, welcoming the handing over time to New Year... Are you ready to participate? I think these events are really special and interesting.

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