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Vietnam food Steamed Kuy Teav in the South West region

The South West region of Vietnam is famous for the diversity and variety in food culture. These dishes such as Vietnamese crepe, Vietnamese gumbo, fish noodles, etc. are familiar dishes with people living in South West region. They are also very famous Vietnam food and favored in Sai Gon and other regions in this country.


Kuy teav is a delicious dish and considered as breakfast for West people. It is a common dish originating from Phnom Penh (Cambodia). However, after being introduced to the South West, this dish is transformed into another version of Kuy teav which is absolutely not less delicious and attractive.


Vietnam food Steamed Kyu Teav in the South West region


Ingredients for steamed Kuy teav include fresh, tough and soft noodles. It is necessary to estimate a suitable quantity of noodles. Enough noodles needed for a time eating is torn into separately threads and placed in a steamer. Dont steam too much noodles at a time because it will be less hot and tasty. This kind of food is extremely suitable for an ideal breakfast.

Steamed Kuy teav should be eaten with skin of pig mixed with powdered grilled rice and sliced lean pork, fried or grilled spring roll, shumai or grilled chicken, cucumber, beansprouts, some dill, dried onion fat, chopped chili. The fish sauce to souse on noodles needs to be made by fish sauce boiled with refined sugar, mix with chopped garlic and chili, some drops of lemon to enhance the taste.


Steamed Kuy teav is set on plate. After placing all noodles on the plate, put on some piếc of pig skin, grilled meat, dills and thinly sliced cucumber, souse little sauce and scatter a bit roasted peanuts. Depending on each persons appetite, you can adjust the sauce. This would definitely be a wonderful breakfast with this dish.


If you want to try this delicious food, you can visit Ha Tien town, Kien Giang province or Thot Not market in Can Tho province, or Chau Doc market in An Giang province. Steamed Kuy teav in these places are quite famous but it is not popular in big food stall or restaurant. If you ever have chance to go to these places, it is a great idea to drop in some street stalls and enjoy the plain but still extraordinarily delicious.




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