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The steamed glutinous rice in Mai Chau – Hoa Binh

The steamed glutinous rice is usually a dish to substitute for the normal rice and is quite common in Northwestern Highlands in Vietnam. If you go to Mai Chau and enjoy the steamed glutinous rice is made by Thai ethnic women, you will feel all the taste of this dish.


The steamed glutinous rice in Mai Chau

The steamed glutinous rice in Mai Chau

Thais ethnic people always select the upland rice to make the steamed glutinous rice. That is a type of rice is grown on the terraced fields in Mai Chau valley. The glutinous rice is soaked for several hours to create the soft state before steaming. Thai ethnic women do not steam the glutinous rice in the pot as Kinh ethnic people (this is the common people in Vietnam and accounts for 85% of the population). They use the wooden pot. The glutinous rice is cooked from the steam but not boiled. The processing is much effort to create this delicious dish; the chief is required about the ingenuity. After forming the fragrant smell, the sticky rice is taken out. Then, they put it in a basket. However, this time the dish is not yet ripe. The cook tills it in the basket for a short time; and then, they put it into a wood cooker; and the sticky rice continues to be steamed until the full ripe status. At this time, the surface of the ripe sticky rice is lustrous; the fragrance storms into the people’s noses to create the envious feeling. The steamed glutinous rice is often used for the barbecue foods are made from some kind of the animal meat such as fowl, fish or pork.


The house on stilts and the terraced fields in Mai Chau - Hoa Binh province

The house on stilts and the terraced fields in Mai Chau - Hoa Binh Province

However, on the advice of Thai ethnic people, the steamed glutinous rice is eaten with Sesame-Salt (A food in Vietnam is made of some things as the roasted peanut, the roasted sesame seeds and the salt which are crushed and mixed each other). It is delicious. Indeed, if you take a little of this steamed glutinous rice to eat with Sesame-Salt, you will enjoy the most tastes are very fragrant and sweet. In particular, the method of the twice steaming forms the soft and flexible status based on the nature. If you hold a little steamed glutinous rice in your hand strictly, the particles will get sticky so close to each other; and it really does not get any particles out of your hand.

If tourists sit in the middle of the house on stilts of the ethnic people and enjoy the fragrant glutinous rice is steamed by Thai ethnic people, the visitors will not only feel the typical delicacies, but the visitors also feel the great heart of the cook in this dish. When the visitors leave, the landlord has never forgotten to give for visitors a little steamed sticky rice in order to prevent the state of being hungry in the return journey because of the effects of the cold weather in Mai Chau in the late season so the hungry feeling happens smartly.

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