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Vietnam culture Brocade of Thai ethnic

Brocade, bamboo-tube rice, tube wine, and lithesome dance movements are specialties of Thai people that you can experience when coming Mai Chau. Visiting Thai village in Mai Chau, besides enjoying interesting cultural activities with locals, tourists cannot take your eyes off beautiful and subtle brocade products of skilful Thai people.


Thai girls in Mai Chau are not only beautiful but also really clever in making brocade. Coming to any villages in Mai Chau, tourists can easily find the image of looms which are used to weave brocade. Every Thai girl must know how to weave brocade and embroider before getting married. Before moving into husbands house, new bride must make bedding for parents in law and weave a Pieu scarf for mother in law on her own. This custom shows that Thai people consider brocade as a part of their physical and spiritual lives. Coming to Lac village, Chieng Chau, Mai Chau and drop in a Thais house, tourists will have chance to see colorful brocade carpet, which is the fruit of a success of days mothers and sisters in Thai family working on the looms.


Vietnam culture Brocade of Thai ethnic


Thai people in Lac village are proud of their traditional brocade products. Looking at a piece of brocade, tourists can see the green of trees, the white, yellow, pink, red of mountain flowers and the bright yellow of sunshine. Each pattern weaved on the brocade represents an aspect in spirit of Thai women. Ethnic Thai women work strenuously on the fields day by day, their spare time is spent on making brocade. They want to show their love for work, for this land, and for country by weaving colorful threads carefully. This is also the evidence for the virtue of diligence and skillfulness of Thai.

Brocade is weaved totally by hands, so that the maker can decide the product to be tight or loose, soft or tough. They can make brocade that is suitable to decorate different kinds of things. Personality and age are shown clearly on Thais brocade. Young girls who are in love use mainly bright color, while older women prefer deep color which presents their mature and firm spirits.


Every tourist, especially foreign tourist is extremely impressed by Thais brocade. This is a specific and meaningful souvenir for family and friends after a Vietnam holidays to Mai Chau.




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