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The Sinh Village festival 2013 attracted thousands of visitors

On February 19, 2013 (meaning on the 10th in January based on the lunar calendar), the Sinh Village festival, Phu Mau Commune, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien Hue Province officially opened. The festival has attracted thousands of residents and visitors to attend and witness the competition of wrestlers.

This is a traditional festival with history is more than 400 years.


The wrestle festival at the Sinh village

                              The wrestle festival at the Sinh village

As from early morning, the status of the festival was bustling with activities, and the forms are expressed as the drum’s sound, exhibiting banners, flags and flowers... All are very bright; everyone came to see and surround the floor with the wrestling competitions; in the streets, many of the people tingled to arrive at the festival.

After the operation with the solemn ceremonies in the village’s temple, the main wrestle festival began with the spectacular performances of the professional wrestlers. The main part of the festival is the compelling battle between the teens and youth wrestlers.
This year, the festival attracted more than 100 wrestlers arrive from everywhere in the province to compete.

On the competition floor, the wrestlers perform very enthusiastic. They have devoted for viewers with many fights are so much stress and spectacular. Outside, the drums’ sound of the festival and the cheers of the audiences are as urging wrestlers to do more drastic.

The festival at the Sinh village is applied the principle of competition with weeding out the direct round. If the wrestlers want to enter the semi-finals and finals, they must win two rivals continuously. The winner is the person does the competitors are down with their back or lift both legs off the ground.

 The loster is with his back on ground

                                   The loster is with his back on ground

The winner not only was awarded the prize by the organizers, but they also receive a tray of betel, areca nut and alcohol from the elders at the village.
Unique in the festival is not the result win or lose, but it is the team spirit and fair-play martial. The wrestlers do not permit to attack competitors dangerously and causes damage to the health of the other ones.

The festival’s space is also diversified. Tourists can see the local traditional products such as handmade toys, worshiping paintings, folk paintings and the Thanh Tien paper-flower.

In ancient times, people at the village organize the wrestle festival to pray for great things like good health, peace, bumper crops. This is an opportunity for a selection of the strong wrestlers for the dynasty at the time. After hundreds of years, the wrestle of the Sinh village still exists and develops; it becomes one of the beauties of traditional culture into the lives among the people here.

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