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Sa Pa cuisine and favorite specialties


Sa Pa has a lots of specialties which are very attractive with visitors.


1. Boiled chayote squash

Boiled chayote squash is a popular local dish in Sa Pa. Traditionally it is served with roasted and crushed sesame and salt used to lightly dip the pieces into. To fully enjoy the flavor of the chayote, it must be cooked to just the right temperature and served while it is hot.


2. Grooses

One example of this is called “Ngong” -  the local word for the budded stems of old and stunted vegetables. There are many kinds of Ngong such as the stems of garlic, cabbage, kohlrabi, and chayote. Ngong is best served fried with garlic or various kinds of meat. It is delicious and really attractive to visitors to enjoy.


3. Pigs

Sa Pa is also very well known for its dishes of “lon cap nach”, which symbolizes the image of local people tucking their pigs under their arms as they bring them to the market for sale. The soft and sweet layer of lean pig-meat is served in 2cm thick pieces with a crispy skin on top and attached below is a very small and chewable piece of bone .

Locals of Sa Pa claim there is nothing as delighting to the palate as chewing on the soft pig bone of “lon cap nach” and sipping a glass of Sa Pa’s original apple wine.


4. Fishes

Sa Pa residents are also very famous for their fish. One type called spring fish. Spring fish are served fried, making the head, tail, and fins crispy, while the fibers of its plump body remain nice and chewy.



Also delicious to serve fresh with the local vegetables are two types of freshwater fish, salmon and sturgeon, which have been successfully bred in Sa Pa. A steaming hot pot of salmon served with an assortment of fresh vegetables and a cup of hot jasmine tea is a great way to warm up in the cold weather of Sa Pa. Be sure that this will be a delicious and enjoyable dish for the visitors.


5. Smoked sausages and fresh field mushrooms.

Beyond the availability of fresh fish and various vegetables, Sa Pa also boasts a number of local dishes that include locally produced smoked sausages and fresh field mushrooms. While Sa Pa is well known more for its glorious landscape and cooler climate, many tourists will soon discover after a visit there that Sa Pa is famous not only for glorious landscapes but also for the cuisine.

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