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Visit the XQ embroidery village in Da Lat

Da Lat is known as a flower’s city with the beautiful green forest. Here, there are identical shutter undulating valleys, clear lakes and romantic, with white waterfalls cover Da Lat blue sky... It is not only the city of dreams, but is also a source of poetry of how the poet and soul of the embroidery-art land.

It is a rare place to be blessed with such wonderful things. Although, anyone went to this land, that person also found the soul was at peace. It has only been in the romantic atmosphere as the reality, that anyone thought that there was no real... Maybe so, the soul of the people here are always hidden artistic quality. It goes through the normal and reaches the essence. Therefore, Da Lat city which has become a very natural place, is peaceful land to nourish the creative spirit of the art embroidery artisans.


The girls works in XQ embroidery village

If someone has only come here once, that person must surely come to see embroidery art of Da Lat. There are the famous art embroidery styles as XQ and Huu Hanh. Here, one of us admires the silk embroidery very much. All were not only created by technical embroidery with materials and colorful fabrics, but they are also outstanding under the skillful hands of the women. Vietnamese girls are very idyllic, formed by passion, imagination and feelings in many different states.


The XQ embroidery village

There were many domestic and foreign tourists have been in Da Lat. They cannot explain why just the way that the artists of XQ or Huu Hanh are an extremely lively to create the vitality of the plants, flowers… The pictures have the curve, the softness of the human body and animals, even the life experience with the contours of a woman's face, the depth of the eyes.... Surely, there must be a deep empathy between artists who worked drawing, painting and design the embroidery; by just a deviation-line will break a picture immediately.

Each artist gives each painting the vivid strokes and different characteristics. It can be considered as the boat, sea, hills, culture, Vietnam national identity... Through the needles and spins, they represent the spirit of life; it was the essence to create the vitality of the embroidery. These people are not only merely embroidery artisans, but they also are the artists who created the full products about the philosophy of lives with a full color world. All contribute to make the beauty of life, and can be introduced to people around the world about the beautiful country and rich cultural traditions

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