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Travel to the Binh Ba lobster island (Cam Ranh City - Khanh Hoa)

Binh Ba is an island brought many emotions to visitors. If someone has ever gone to the special places in Khanh Hoa province, that person will remember forever a fun place with extremely beautiful images. At the weekend, sitting on the boat derived from Silver Stone port (Da Bac), we begin the journey to explore the Binh Ba lobster island (Cam Binh, Cam Ranh, Khanh Hoa). Here, there is one of the famous specialties of this province.

At Silver Stone port, passengers have more than one hour to be able to watch the sky, blue sea. Get ready to take into the camera lens the young charming country scenes, the small island as the ship passed, the boat glides across the water, or the images of fishermen released their net... When closing to the Binh Ba island, we saw the lobsters crows in close. The lives of people in this sea village manifest a prosperous and peaceful look.

Binh Ba island  in a view

Specialty is famous lobster, wild beaches, colorful coral reefs. All immersed in the marine life of the people who are naïve; that is also the appeal of the Binh Ba island. Because, there isn’t any motel or tourism’s home for staying, so visitors have to rent the civilian’s house to stay or set up tents on the beach. It's like an extra-curricular camp extremely rustic. Previously, there were few guess choice Binh Ba to change. However, recently, many companies and operators about travel have offered the tours to explore this lobster island. The Binh Ba island is “lobster” in its own right. In Cam Binh commune, there are four areas; the Binh Ba island has three areas; the Binh Hung island has the remaining area. In entire of the commune, there are 4,500 lobster cages; the most is belonged to Binh Ba.

At the weekend, the Binh Ba people are familiar with the foreign delegations appear at the pier. They often walk the winding road on the island or dining happily on a floating garden of shrimp. Going with a friend, Mr. Thien, the RDT travel consultant company said: “the reason which he chose Binh Ba, is because of the beautiful sea; everyone gets to the floating gardens to eat shrimp; the foods here are fresh, delicious and cheap. After some funs and delights at the Nom beach where many local people and visitors feel favorite, Mr. Roberto, a tourist from the Philippines, said: "Although I’ve traveled across many places, but I like the difference of the Binh Ba island; the beach is not too crowded, was living at the simple sea with the sociable people; and sense of fun as grilled lobsters and crabs has just been picked up the floating garden by fishermen... "

A fisherman here said: “about in one year, with a large number of tourists, mainly from the Ho Chi Minh city to Binh Ba at the weekend. Each week, there are nearly 100 passengers. The people on the island today do as well as the spontaneous travel style. They rent motels, vehicles, food service, introduction of monuments, beaches...

Binh Ba is the lobster island.

In the exploration of Binh Ba, the Nam Hai temple is a special highlight. It offers cultural and spiritual values ​​of the people of the sea. According to the remaining stele of History & culture of Nam Hai temple in Binh Ba, it was started up at the end of the eighteenth century. It is really the temple of the whale (The whale is honored as Sr. Nam Hai); and the famous people (who are offered five different rewards by the Nguyen kings). Every year, at this place, there is the festival about "fishing wish"; it imbued with national culture. In 2006, the temple was ranked as the provincial relic by the People's Committee of Khanh Hoa province. The main section is a hall of Sr Nam Hai (Whale). According to Mr. Do Kim Ai - Head of the Management Board of the Nam Hai temple relics, it is said that, in 1825, the head part of a whale drifted on the beach. People take piles and net to retain. Then, the Nam Hai bone is brought into the wooden chest to put in the temple. During the hundreds of years, this section is trunk, but the bones still intact. A few months ago, the wooden chest was replaced by the glass with a length of 2.6m and 1.4m in the width. Thus, visitors can see the bones of the great whales. In the shrine, the worship is 19 domes, including 14 domes for male and 5 "domes" for female based on the spiritual culture here.

Arriving Binh Ba, visitors should not miss swimming, or taking photos at the beautiful beach as Chuong beach, Cay Me beach, Nha Cu beach (old home), Bo De beach, Nom beach; visiting Nam Hai temple, Binh Ba pagoda... If tourists are in the good health, it will be interesting to climb up to the bunkers (built during the period of from at the end of the nineteenth century to 1945) for a panoramic view of the island, or take a stroll around the island to admire and take photos. Guests can also rent a car or motorbike to tour around the island.

The most interesting and attractive things are viewing the sunset, catching the sunrise on the island, enjoying the seafood, going to the market soon... Guests will find the holiday on the lobster island is passed fun.

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