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The attraction of the Mui Nai destination in Kien Giang

Ha Tien (Kien Giang) is a silent border town adjacent to Cambodia. If you come to this town, and you do not visit Mui Nai, It will be really unfortunate.

Mui Nai Beach Sand is in a dark-brown color. When the waves of the sea lap against the shore, there is a form with a dark black color. So it creates a really strange feeling. In the opinion of the local people, this black color is formed by sand here, which contains a lot of mud. And the mud is a method for the excellent skin care. If visitors lay in the sand and covered the mixed sand with mud on the body, they will help visitors to have a great sun-burnt skin. Mui Nai beach in very shallow so it is safe to swim.


Mui Nai Beach

                                             Mui Nai Beach

Besides the beach, there is a small market. Here, almost all the fresh marine products are on display. Some visitors may wait in the afternoon when the fishing boats return; and visitors can buy seafood directly from the boat; they are cheap and delicious. Here, guests can enjoy seafood. Then, you drink a glass of the palmyra water, which is very sweet and aromatic. It is a wonderful feeling.

Here is a little empty natural space, but it is very attractive, so a lot of people want to visit Mui Nai. However, if you want to enjoy the romance of the sea, you should wait until the afternoon. You may sit and stretch your legs in the sand. It is silent; and you can hear the crunch of the wind and the waves. There are many seagulls are flying far on the sky; you'll see the full flavor of the sea. The time goes on; sunset comes; a red color appears in a whole of the airspace.


Sunset in Mui Nai

                                          Sunset in Mui Nai

Ha Tien Sea is also a gift that everyone must remember; that is the tortoise. There are many products made from animals; and you can buy and bring back home as the gift, which is very cute and unique. Surely, you will make surprised for your friends when you give them with the loved things.

The summer is really great in Mui Nai. The guests can enjoy comfortable as bathing, against playing with sand and mud, sunbathing and playing with the sea water. They give visitors a sense is cool and larger. When the sea wave is active; and sun is balmy; if you walk on the coastal road to watch the sunrise or sunset, it will be really great. Whether visitors have traveled a lot destination and admire a lot of landscapes from everywhere, but Mui Nai still surely makes the visitors to linger when people have to leave this place.

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