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Taking Vietnam trip to Cat Tien National Park

For visitors who love exploring the beauty of nature, they should not miss a chance to take Vietnam tours​ to Cat Tien national park, one of the most important parks in Vietnam. Currently, Cat Tien has become an attractive tourist spot for both domestic and international visitors.

a romatic road to Cat Tien National Park

Located along the national highway 20 from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat, Cat Tien National Park covers an areas of over 71,920 ha. It is divided into three sectors: the South of Cat Tien belonging to Dong Nai Province, Cat Loc belonging to Lam Dong Province, and the West of Cat Tien belong to Binh Phuoc Province. Because of stretching along three provinces, Cat Tien national parks topography is diversified. Cat Loc sector is located in the western of the Central Highland so it is rather hilly while the South and the West are situated in the lowlands. Moreover, Dong Nai River, the second largest river in Southern Vietnam flows through the park and create a natural boundary between Cat Loc and South of Cat Tien.


Cat Tien National park is famous for its diversity of fauna and flora of a wet tropical forest. This park is recognized as a home of many rare and specious plants and animals. Therefore, this place is estimated as the reserve of natural resource in Vietnam and a great site for scientists and visitors. Cat Tien national park owns a diversified ecosystem with many strange trees in the forest such as 400-year-old conifer tree, 300-year bang lang tree, a banyan tree with hollow trunk which can accommodate 3 people. Over 1610 kinds of flora has been classified into 75 species, 162 families and 762 branches. Currently, about 76 mammal species, 320 bird species, 35 amphibian species, and 74 reptile species and 435 butterfly species have been found at Cat Tien National Park. Many of them are listed in the Red Book of endangered animals. Such as Javan Rhinos, Asian Elephants, Gaur, wild water buffalo, etc


According to many Vietnam and foreign scientists, Cat Tien is a part of a tropical forest system and is one of the most precious natural forests in the area. The diversified ecosystem of Cat Tien has been recognized by WWF as one of 200 biological zones in the world. In 2001, UNESCO listed Cat Tien as the 411th biosphere reserve zone in the world.

Cat Tien is a wonderful place for tourism activities such as eco tours, bird-watching. With many plan to develop the infrastructure, Cat Tien is hope to be a familiar site for Vietnam Holidays.


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