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Cat Ba Pearl Island - the tourist destination

Cat Ba Island (in Cat Hai district, Hai Phong city) is a popular travel destination of local and foreign tourists. The harmony between the forest and the sea make up the charming scenery own sites. With such advantages, it has helped this place thrive on tourist’s activities and bring great economic value to be local.

Cat Ba Island which is situated in the north-east coast in Vietnam; and it is country's famous landmarks. It is over 26,000 hectares; it covers more than 17,000 hectares of the island square, more than 9,000 ha of sea square. It consists of 366 islands, large and small ones; Cat Ba Island is over 300km2. Here, there is much potential for various values of landscape, geology and biology.
Cat Ba is the largest island in the 1969 islands of the population on Ha Long Bay. Natural landscapes here are wild and alternating landscape of mountains, sea, rivers, streams, mountains, hills, valleys, beaches, caves... All come together to make beautiful and interesting landscapes.


Cat Ba Fishing port

Away from the center of Hai Phong city, visitors can take a speed-train in Dinh Vu station, or move on the ferries of the same name of ferry in Hai Phong to go to Cat Ba Island. While staying in Cat Ba, visitors will discover the famous scenic spots and feel the beauty of life in the coastal region. If you travel from the center of Cat Ba town, visitors will have a choice, it is going to cruise to explore the unspoiled beauty of the well-known small or large bays on this area such as: Lan Ha bay, Cat Ba bay, Tung Thu small-bay...


Cat Ba Island


In the Lan Ha Bay area, there are a lot of small-islands. Even, the local people could not put the names to them. To traverse the bay, you have to go through a period of about a day, but everywhere you go, it will bring a new sense of unspoiled landscape of the islands from small to large ones, bobbing on the surface of the bay. Therefore, Lan Ha Bay is the most attractive place for domestic and foreign tourists.
There is the difference of the pristine look of the Lan Ha, Ben Beo bay is the destination which people live crowded in coastal fishing villages. So when arriving in Ben Beo, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the culture and traditions, in particular; people here are very hospitable; it will give visitors a great fun.
It is not only the pristine bay, but Cat Ba island is also known by the very charming beauty of the beach; they always clapped whispering waves as Cat Co No1, Cat Co No2, Cat Co No3, Cat Dua, Cat Tien... This is considered to be the prominent advantages of Cat Ba tourism.

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