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7 ideal destinations for Vietnam holidays

To be one of the most fast-developing countries in the South East Asia, there are more and more dynamic cities in Vietnam. Infrastructure for tourist service is invested to become more professional. Besides common service, deluxe hotels and 5-star resorts are now popular also. Tourists coming to Vietnam will be surprised at plain, friendly and hospitable people, beautiful beaches, peaceful countryside, etc. These below 7 destinations are selected as should-not-miss places in Vietnam tours. Tourists will have chance to experience all interesting things in Vietnam when visiting these places.




Hoan Kiem Lake in Autumn


Common Vietnam package tours usually start in Hanoi then go down to the South. Hanoi the capital of Vietnam is a busy and dynamic city with fast pace of living and full of energy. Hanoi is impressive with continuous flow of transport vehicles and noise in day time and tranquil atmosphere in night time. Visiting Hanoi, tourists should take a walk around the Sword Lake, go to Dong Xuan night market, stroll along ancient streets, visit museums, temples and pagodas and especially Ho Chi Minh mausoleum.


Halong Bay


Halong Bay


Halong Bay is recognized as a world heritage site by UNESCO. It is one of the most famous natural sites in Vietnam. Visiting Ha Long, tourists cannot help being impressed by ranges of limestone in various sizes jutting out of the water surface. Ha Long attracts hundreds of tourists a day. Means of transport will affect feelings of tourists about this site. There are many choices for a Halong tour. You can choose to contemplate the beauty of Halong by a wooden boat, or a 5-star Halong Bay cruise. If you have large budget, you totally can spend more to explore in a kayak. Besides tourist places, you should spend some time to visit the adopting pearl area and Halong floating markets.


Da Nang


Da Nang City Panorama with Dragon Bridge


With long beach coast and sandy banks, Da Nang possesses most of the beautiful beaches in Vietnam. The most famous beach in Da Nang is My Khe beach, which has length up to kilometers. Besides common hotels, super deluxe resorts with professional golf course are of the things that make Da Nang become an ideal destination for high-class vacation in Vietnam. Coming to Da Nang, you will not only have chance to swim in beautiful beaches but also explore local street culture. Tourists can enjoy vermicelli soup in the morning, spend the whole afternoon with a cup of coffee at a street stall, then take a walk to see nightlife in the city in the evening. Da Nang will bring you interesting experience.


Ho Chi Minh City


a corner of Ben Thanh Market


Ho Chi Minh City is a promising land with opportunities and chances for those who want to start their careers. In this dynamic city, tourists can easily see French-styled buildings, parks, trees on pavements built and grown in a way that makes the city look like a European city. Street coffee is one of the specialties in Sai Gon. Modern stores, peddled wares and boisterous night markets lie next to each other create a harmonious picture of the old and the new. Night Sai Gon tours are also popular. Tourists will have chance to explore the night life in Ho Chi Minh City. This will be definitely fresh, interesting and safe experience.


Hoi An


 beautiful view in Hoi An Town


Hoi An is another world heritage site in Vietnam, which is famous for its peace and tranquility. Besides, Hoi An also possesses a diversified culture. Here, tourists can see a little bit Chinese, Japanese and French cultures in the main theme of ancient architecture and Vietnam street culture. In Hoi An, tourists will enjoy street food, visit typical Vietnamese markets, take a fast course in cooking Asian food, and have fast tailor-made. Hoi An is always one of the most outstanding destinations in Vietnam.


Nha Trang


entertainment in Vinpearl Land


Nha Trang is paradise of tourism for tourists and especially backpackers with cheap price in restaurants, bars, food stalls, and hotels. Life here is comfortable and convenient. In addition to beautiful natural landscape with impressively magnificent beaches, tourists can enjoy all services in this tourist city.


Mekong River Delta


a small corner of Cai Be Floating Market


Mekong River Delta is always an attractive choice for Vietnam vacation. Tourists will enjoy a peaceful and tranquil holiday in the river region. You will have chance to experience close-knit relationship in local life, try fresh fruits from gardens, go fishing in a bond, etc. Taking Mekong River cruises, tourists will see daily life of the locals, visit floating markets, explore typical villages in the countryside, and taste delicious local specialties. If you want, you totally can live homestay with hospitable locals to have more interesting experience.


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